Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Peachy

Just peachy is my state mind.
Rain or shine,
 like I said on 
Friday, this past weekend 
 (yes, I realize today is Wednesday)
was going to be one for the outside -
one way or the other- and  was it ever.
We spent a better part of the (long) weekend 
tending to landscaping issues- read-
the not so pretty gardening chores.
Lawns, shrubs, mulching, tree trimming
and definitely, a weed or two.
There were challenges, like
rice straw to mulch the vegetable bed,

and there was the on again/off again rain-
seriously, I think we have enough now!
Even so, we needed help with watering issues, etc, etc. 
We were busy...
painting, building (don't even try to guess)... 
but maybe the best of all
were the dinners both here and there with friends-
connecting and reconnecting.
But we are the lucky ones, for
the beauty of working hard and completing the 
heavy tasks is that you have gifts on the other side...
outside and ...
inside too, 
but good times and memories  best of all, 
and for that, I am very thankful.
Happy Wednesday,
own it.