Friday, May 21, 2010

Making The Most Of It

Ahh yes, the spring weekend,
which means getting out
 and working  or playing 
between the storms- is what it's all about.
Weather survival, ok..

Remember: everyday is a gift.
So whether you are a city mouse
or a country mouse, we all need to get out and 
enjoy... and that could be any number of things...

 Lingering at your favorite bakery
Creating  a yummy brunch
Hitting the Farmer's market
Planting some lettuce
Taking someone to a movie
Visiting your favorite museum
or discover an emerging artist
Meeting for drinks 
or finding a new wine
Checking out a new restaurant
...or visiting an old fave

The important thing as always,
is - enjoy, enjoy every moment,
remembering, it's all a gift.