Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The White Party

Don't you just love white jeans?
They are so many things
summed up in one pair of pants-
Jackie  O on the streets of  NYC and
the Isle of Capri,
Audrey Hepburn in
Two For The Road.
 At one time,
a symbol of leisure and elitism, now a days,
they are simply a very chic, indispensable staple-
with influences reigning from
 the all American (Ralph Lauren /Michael Kors )
to the uber European (Hermes / Loro Piana),
this closet workhorse can be found everywhere from
the top (see above) to
Lands End and Macy's.
Be gone urban legend of yore:
I say, as long as the temperature cooperates,
who cares what the month is?
Hey, the Italians have always been on board
with this theory...say no more.
And in terms of practicality,
well, bring on the Oxy Clean!