Monday, May 24, 2010

Pocket Finds

This past week I've been working on
prepping my closets and moving from one season to the next.
On any given day,  I am always finding notes,
bits and bobs in my coat pockets
 (and definitely handbags).

Truth be told though, I kind of like putting my hand
 into a pocket and finding (money!) a button
or scrap of paper- 99% of the time,
it's a grocery list-.but I kind of find that comforting-
 it's like a mini snapshot from a previous day in the life. 

I digress.
 The great thing about this jar for me,
 is the visual entertainment it provides.

When putting on a jacket or switching  handbags,
 I will often do a quick sweep and stash
 the remnants into various mini drawers
 which will soon be out of sight
 then out of mind, right?.
 (Don't we all have at least one of those?)

Well, rather than doing the 'stash and dash',
I have found an idea worthy of adoption...

The people over at DIY came up with this cute idea
which I am totally going to integrate here in my life.
Starting here with 
The Jar Project, 
I will be able to
savor, enjoy, rescue, remember
tiny snapshots of a
routine life.
Won't you join me?