Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Field Trip-Petaluma Solid Gold

"California's Artisan Cheese Festival is a nonprofit organization with the mission to:
• Educate people who want to learn more about artisan cheese
• Support the artisan cheesemaking community and its sustainability; and
• Celebrate and enjoy the creations of the artisan cheesemakers.
We also like to have fun. So each year we gather a lively and friendly group of experts and presenters that will make the weekend fly by as we learn about and enjoy the wonderful world of artisan cheese."
Really, so many oppurtunites to connect
with artisan cheesemakers along with vitners, brewmasters
and general foodies. Check out they're schedule:
@Artisan Cheese Festival.

On a similar but different note,
indulge your senses... Martha's Macaroni and Cheese