Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lunch on Tap

Fish and Chips at the Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco

Wrapped in Newspaper & Delivered from the Chippy round the corner

picture photograph fish and chips at the Edingurgh castle san francisco copyright of sam breach

If you are hankering for some British-style fish and chips, The Edinburgh Castle at 950 Geary serves them up in newspaper every day from 5pm to 11pm. That they are wrapped on delivery gives the supper that authentic whiff of steaminess essential to the fish and chip experience. The chips are thick and taste of real potato - as they should - no crispiness expected or provided. The somewhat bland fish pieces have less character than you would find in the same meal on the other side of the Atlantic, but once doused in vinegar and dredged in salt, you can almost imagine it's the real thing.

In Britain, newspaper was actually banned as a wrapping for fish and chips in the 1980s so this is a real treat. There is a good entry on Wikepedia that explains everything you need to know about this well-loved British dish.

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