Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Travel Day

Just saw on A Continuous Lean this fabulous new book from
TASCHEN  called Los Angeles, Portrait of a City.
A "photographic tribute to the City of Angels" - it is that and more.
This will be one of the best investments I make this year.
On a similar note...
 Ryan at Neat Stuff also shares some fantastic vintage glimpses
into the palm studded urban metropolis.
So, the last few days has found me obsessed about 
the beauty, the grit, the glamour, the creativity
that is and always was Los Angeles. 

Here is a taste...

I Live in Northern California and I love it here
but I grew up in LA and not until recently would I ever entertain
the idea of going back for more than just 
a short vacation.
  Right now though, there is so much happening (again) in LA -
the foodie circuit is off the charts, urban sophistication is permeating everything
and the world of art and culture is cutting edge.  
Whether through photos, daydreaming or roadtrip,
I can't wait to go back.