Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Build Something Today

Art + Form + Function= Godspeed
Godspeed started on Christmas Eve 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel, when an artist and a designer,  Joy van Erven (Holland) and Finn Ahlgren (Sweden), met.
Rapidly Godspeed developed itself as a statement on contemporary design. An unorthodox mentality and choice of unconventional materials opposed to the high style and form based world of design resulted in a conceptual designing company with a down to earth approach.
Godspeed makes furniture in a one-hour time frame.
Eliminating the sketching phase and producing every piece by themselves, Godspeed became a very unconventional designer’s brand.
Godspeed emphasizes on the human aspect and usage of its products and offers a different perspective on daily life.
The usage of raw, scrap materials and the recognition and awareness of decay, on both materials and products, upgrade the value to the purchasers’ lifestyle.
Humor, straight forwardness and witty comments and solutions are significant to Godspeed’s unique style.
 For some more great (DIY?) ideas
 and inspiration checkout Godspeed's work.