Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's for Lunch?

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Market Days: Thursday

tacoliciousPRODUCTS: Three kinds of seasonal tacos, homemade salsas, agua fresca

PEOPLE: Joe Hargrave and Sara Deseran plus two members of the Laïola team
ABOUT: Tacolicious is the taqueria offshoot of Marina restaurant Laïola. For owner Joe Hargrave, tacos are comfort food he grew up eating them at home and on the taco truck-lined streets of his hometown of Modesto. Inspired by a recent taco "smack-down" with Laïola chef Ron Pei, the Tacolicious stand serves antojito-style tacos with an emphasis on humanely and locally sourced ingredients. (Antojito means a snack that fulfills a craving in Spanish). Three rotating tacos will be available, including the signature braised pork shoulder. The salsa and agua fresca menu will also be updated to reflect seasonal availability.
SOURCING: Tacolicious uses local pasture-raised meat, freshly made tortillas from San Francisco’s La Palma Mexicatessen, and local produce from several local farms, including Dirty Girl Farm, Swanton farm, County Line Harvest, and Hamada Farms.

FUN FACT: Joe says he likes to keeps a Zip Lock baggie full of Chef Reed Hearon's Ancho Recado salsa in his car for emergencies.