Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Brilliance and Creativity is Anywhere You Want it to Be
As anyone in the fashion industry will attest, it's no runway show, no designer presentation, no Fashion Week fete unless Lynn Yaeger is there. A longtime fixture in the style scene, Yaeger was a columnist for the Village Voice for over 30 years who also contributes regularly to Vogue, the New York Times' T magazine and other prominent publications. But what intrigues us most about Yaeger is her penchant for collecting. She skips fashion shows for antique markets (shhh—don't tell!) and her morning ritual involves trolling eBay armed with her shortlist of favorite search terms. Yaeger was kind enough to give us a rare glimpse inside her apartment—a well-appointed showpiece for her collections—and will be joining The Inside Source as a guest columnist. This, the first in a series of four columns, is her personal collecting story. The following articles will feature Yaeger's conversations with other style makers—from designers to boutique owners to antique dealers—on the collectibles that keep them awake at night.
Here is what I do every single morning, in between teeth-brushing and waiting for the coffee to boil: I turn on my laptop and type “baby locket” into eBay. This is followed by “baby brooch” and then either “sweater 1930-46 (Depression, WWII)” or “antique enamel charm bracelet” or “Becassine doll." I do this because I am an avid, some would argue rabid collector, with a shifting catalog of enthusiasms that at the moment includes vintage cardigans and 1920s bracelets; rag dolls meant to resemble French cartoon characters (the aforementioned Becassine dolls} and Victorian children’s jewelry—the rarer, the more elusive, the less findable, the better.
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