Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Leisure Saturday Nibble (fest)

 So It's a gorgeous, Spring
kind of Saturday and
being outside is a must-
so is food and drink... the first thing 
I think of is 18th street in the Mission.
Main stop...Pizzeria Delphina, yes, the wait can be, well a wait
but it's always worth it. Thin crust Neopolitan pizza using fresh,
local, seasonal ingredients, most wines by the glass but 
(why think small). Wait for one of the tables outside and it'll feel
like you're on vacation.
Take a walk up and around Valencia Street to say, 24th Street
and you will be treated to many new shops with interesting,
edgy and artsy perspectives.
Dessert is always a must on Saturday so gear up and wait in line 
at the expanded Bi-Rite Creamery...
Whether in the mood for ice cream such as
honey lavender, salted caramel or roasted banana,(pictured)
or a (ridiculously) delicious baked good, you'll be in good hands.
Then finish the day, picking up something to share with friends 
over dinner at the Bi-Rite Market 
 boasting a huge array of organic,
sustainable, and locally-produced items, a better ending 
could not had.