Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning Three Ways + Field Trip

Great article in Wall Street Journal...Ditching 800 Pounds of Clutter.
The author, Sue Shellenbarger shares the results and insights
after experimenting with three approaches to 
decluttering our homes, our lives.
1. Multi Tasking-This method, called "a five-minute room rescue," is recommended by experts including author Marla Cilley, founder of, a Web site on cleaning. It entails seizing upon spare moments and attacking one messy room at a time in five- to 10-minute spurts. Starting in Zone One of my house, the family room, kitchen and office, I did two or three room rescues each weekday after work and several more on weekends, setting a timer to keep me on track.
Personal note alert - THIS WORKS!
2. The Scorched Earth Approach-Variously labeled the "Trash-Bag Tango" by organizing expert and author Peter Walsh, or the "27-Fling Boogie" by Ms. Cilley, the method I used in Zone Two (my bath, laundry and living rooms) has you seize upon a slightly longer block of time, of about 15 minutes, and set a de-cluttering target—such as removing 27 unneeded items. Then, grab two trash bags, for donations and discards, and stride through your house bagging stuff until you reach your objective.
3. The Project Management Method- Inspired by the title of one of Mr. Aslett's books, "Lose 200 Lbs. This Weekend," this approach requires some work in advance, assembling a list of dejunking supplies such as boxes and bags, thinking about which items you don't need and researching places to receive donations and discards.
Field Trip Alert...
 Never Fear though, if it all gets too much, take a cruise around town 
on any Saturday and visit a few yard sales-
A ) You'll feel a lot better about your own space
B) It can be very entertaining
Don't believe me? check out a new fave site...