Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Lunch Date

Hey, what's not to like about eating lunch outside and
saving money (for the weekend) ? Enter the Taco Zone:
Sunshine + tacos = Friday
Check out Los Compadres taco truck Spear St @ Folsom St
This is what Kimberly had to say on Yelp...
Yummy yum yum...I'm so glad to have a taco truck like this only a couple of blocks away from my office!

It can get really busy during the height of the lunch hour, but I usually try to go on the early side when the wait isn't so bad. The carne asada super taco (my usual) comes with a generous helping of meat and it's loaded down with rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, cheese, onion, guac and sour cream. This thing is huge...and heavy! It's on a soft taco and they provide you with a fork, but I end up picking up the taco part with my hands once I've eaten some of the fixings off the top. (I eat this at my desk so nobody has to witness me tackling this monster!) Combine the taco with a bag of their thick, crispy chips and a side of salsa (which is included with the order) and you have some goooood tasty eatin'...all for $7.50! I always order mine spicy (vs. mild) because I love spicy food, but you should know that it really IS spicy.

On a similar but diferent note consider the tacoshed project .