Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's For Lunch?

It's A Dogs World...
From Japan to Vancouver to right here 
in San Francisco hot dog eateries are offering
gastronomic delights. Here are 3 of the newest...

Located in the old North Beach Lobster Shack space,
Dogfather is that no-frills, father-and-son-owned eatery
you'll go to after a night of cocktailing along Columbus—
or more likely en route from one watering hole to the next.
Check out more The Dogfather at Urban Daddy.

How about Hot Dog Alley?
Lower Haight denizens Mojo and C. Water (no joke) slang cheap, heaping man-dogs named for famous SF 'hoods (no Clarendon Heights, dog?!). Fo' real options range from the SOMA Dog (a mild hot link slathered in homemade chili), to the Fillmore Dog (a spicy hot link w/ jalapenos), to the Tenderloin Dog, a normal frank wrapped in bacon that'll "melt in your mouth", even as it poops on your stoop. Upping the spicness is a slew of fixings/condiments like hickory BBQ sauce, sweet n' spicy Southwest mustard, and onions/peppers/sauerkraut Mo & C-Dub grill on a big Foreman (again, no joke) their signature cheddar-sprinkled, bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno, aka the Mission Popper, not to be confused with Slippery Ed (the Mission Pauper).For more details check out Thrillist
And then there's Show Dogs, from the genius' behind 
Foreign Cinema. Up scale, high quality (organic) ingredients, 
creative combinations
and everything made in house- even the mustard and corndogs. 
Many insightful opinions to help you choose on yelp.