Friday, April 30, 2010

Art on Film...And Inspiration For Many

Art's Immortal Rock Star Forever remembered 
as one of the art world's
brightest-and fastest burning-stars,Jean-Michel Basquiat
was in equal measure a masterful painter,
inspired poet, cult celebrity and style icon.
Jean-Michael Basquait
The Radiant Child
This film is brought to fruition by Tamra Davis,
 who befriended Basquiat in the 80's, originally a short tribute
produced in conjunction with  MOCA’s retrospective. It was apparent, 
with it's intimate and rare footage this was clearly worthy of a feature length film. 

  He began his meteoric rise to fame in the late 70s,
 when he ran away from home to live on the streets of New York. 
Branding himself as a graffiti artist under the mysterious moniker 
“SAMO©” (a portmanteau of “Same Old”), he soon attracted the city’s 
counter-cultural royalty, collecting friends such as Debbie Harry, 
Keith Haring, Glenn O’Brien and Andy Warhol, 
before turning to painting and storming galleries in
 New York and Los Angeles with his brightly hued, neo-expressionist works.
Here is a preview, recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival










       via Nowness On a similar but different note:
The (notorious) street artist, Banksy
has a new  film- Exit Through the Gift shop.
It is an exhilarating look into(a behind  the scenes)
the illicit world of street art.
Banksy is internationally known and highly influential
and very influential in the world of
high -level and socially conscious
graffiti artists.

Locally the film is playing at the following theaters.
At the Embarcadero Center Cinema, Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael and Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley.)

As a voyeur, it's a must see,

don't you think?