Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feed Your Senses- Feed Your Soul

We need this.
The group Six Senses has just opened a spa
in the middle of Paris.
Designed by French architect Pierre David, a finalist in the recent World Trade Center Memorial competition, the space features a palette of muted tones derived from Brazilian hardwood and Greek marble. One wall displays a digitally-projected panorama of the Parisian skyline (captured in real-time), while a lush vertical garden cultivated with plant species from far-flung locales occupies another.
Even more curious, two cocoons enclose the rooms where treatments occur, lending a warmth that's undoubtedly good feng shui. Part space pod, part mega-gourd, curved bands of oak treated with a scrim-like fabric on the interior comprise the structures.
Six Sense's name comes from the body's five senses, plus the euphoric sensation one has when everything comes into perfect harmony—a name aptly describing this spa.
That reminds me...
I need to buy my Lottery Ticket.