Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Green Can't Be All Serious

From the author of Regretsy, the book 
and blog by April Winchell, where she pokes fun
(in a very clever way) at the venerable Etsy marketplace,
I bring you a few craft projects 
for Earth Day.
Large Mirror
From the Description: "*CIRCLES OF VERISIMILITUDE* represents numerous useful platters, clocks, and mirrors, all created from large metal container lids, 24 inches inches in diameter, and formed from collections of miscellaneous 'stuff.'"
Compare to :Etsy Play Time Mirror

Orange Peel Hair Accessory
From the Description: "This rose is an orange peel that after a process become hard and durable. It is gorgeous!"
Compare to: Etsy for real!
I'm filing  book and the blog under
so wrong and ridiculous yet so clever.
Happy crafting!