Saturday, April 10, 2010

Field Trip to Bountiful

Yesterday was too gorgeous... blue sky, sunny, warm,breezy.
This called for a field trip to Freestone and the 
Ok, the drive alone, will take your breath away-
at least those of us still holding onto a citified point of view. 
Green (emerald green) rolling hills, a winding road -
(leading to the coast) flowers, trees and rough hewn fences,
dairy animals and then the sign:
I am telling you, it doesn't get
much better than this. When you approach, 
the first thing that hits you is the smell- 
a wood (eucalyptus)  fired brick oven. Then walking 
through the door, you enter bread nirvana.
"Dough flying, music playing, mouths munching, smiles meeting--
when you walk into Wild Flour, you're instantly overwhelmed 
with that special bonhomie that only comes when
 people are doing work they love 
with people they like being with--
and making wonderful food in the process. "
Inside at the farm table or outside on a bench,
 people come together 
and share bread, stories, smiles.

The (organic) garden out back, produces most of the
 supplemental additions-
herbs, berries, fruits, vegetables and is 
an inspiration to us all.  
"It's the bread you heard existed but haven't had. 

It's the bakery you'd start but haven't yet".
"There's nothing here that's unnatural. It's all wood, glass, 
brick, and bread. Bread like a painting, bread like sculpture,
 bread like bread should be: a bundle of harvest, 
heated by the fire on the hearth, and served at the table. 
This is the bread that IS the basket.
 It's civilization, culture, and peace -- all in a loaf." 
with 'help' form yelp
We believe in the art of service possible with a small business 
and a unique staff of long tenure. By meeting each of our customers 
and engaging in a conversation we believe that
 daily simple activities take on special and affirming meaning.