Friday, April 9, 2010

A Book Without Pages

I love the way books look on a bookshelf.
I have been known to buy older books not only for their antiquity
but also for the colors, fonts and graphics  on their spine.
Yes, the iPad is one of those 'deviant' devices which will
contribute to the crushing of the publishing business,
but we know there is no stopping progression.
Enter Long Live Books who have come up with an idea to satisfy 
technophiles and bibliophiles called BOOK.
  It is a hand made hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored to the iPadon the inside. Protect your digital device safely and then shelve it, carry it, put it in a book-bag, or leave it on the coffee table. BOOK is made with the highest grade of sustainable, durable, and natural materials to insulate your iPad in an enduring style. 

It is worth noting, my jury is still out.