Friday, April 16, 2010

SF Underground Market... Indulging the Senses

Iso Rabins is the P.T. Barnum of the local 
homestead food community.
This people, is the real deal.
 On Friday, Rabins hoists the tent for the April installment of the SF Underground Market, this time atSOMArts. Demos include sourdough bread-making from S.F.'s evangelist of spontaneous leaven, Sour Flour's Danny Gabriner, seed saving, and home brewing, and a list of nearly three dozen vendors of foodstuffs, mostly. Live music by Debbie Neigher
I joined Forage SF recently because I was 
intrigued by the idea but as time has passed I have begun to appreciate 
the dedication and passion that is evolving with this movement.
Do I plan to forage GGPark for nettles or wild chives? No.
Do I plan to check out the Underground Market? Yes!
Last month, Hanah Snavely from The Bold Italic 
ventured in to her first foray and I think you,  like I am,
will be hooked.
Here, are a few excerpts...
Most folks I know feel pretty smug about their San Franciscan, food-related values, myself included. We shop farmers markets, we buy from local vendors, and we’ve even dabbled in the world of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships on occasion. Our actions say, Yeah, we’re urban, but we pay homage to the Great Farm, and we’re not afraid to spend $26 on mushrooms. These routines make our lives rich, fulfilling, and very, very annoying to the outside world.

With a subtle notion that Langton is in SOMA, Harrison-ish, I arrive early. Turns out, I love Langton Street, which is more alley than avenue, and home to a killer community garden and the Brainwash Café. Another feature: Langton Labs, a loft community housing roughly a dozen UCSF science aficion-nerdos who moonlight as rough-around-the-edges event hosters. They’re milling about the garage entrance with a mild air of authority, directing vendors arriving by Subaru, kidnapping van, and Volvo, telling them where to go, who to talk to, but mostly, where not to park.
I pass a barefoot man with French-braided hair skimming the elastic waistband of his rolled khaki pants, and duck under the halfway closed garage door. The split-level space is urban loft garage chic, with graffiti-covered walls, concrete flooring, rope lights, and ladders leading to nowhere. I do a quick scan of the place as my eyes settle on a cute shaggy-hair manning a honey stand that, in stark contrast to the other booths, is tidy and set up. Immediately, I think “Iso.”
I promise, you will love the rest of this retelling,
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photo via Forage SF Facebook

SF Underground Market
Date: Fri., April 16, 5-11 p.m.
Location: SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan (at Eighth St.), 863-1414
Cost: Free; bring cash for purchases; BYOB
RSVP: First-time attendees sign up here