Friday, April 23, 2010

Pushin It To The Limits

Michigan-based artist Eric Daigh’s incredibly realistic portraits aren’t made using paint, but rather, push pins as his medium. As a result, the color palette isn’t fancy; Daigh takes the basic red, yellow, blue, white, and black pins available at any supply store, and inserts them into his canvas — poster board. Roughly 11,000 pins can be found in each portrait, and he applies each one at a time to create pointillistic artwork that can best be described as Georges Seurat meets Office Depot.
Yes, they're the innocuous and everyday but
with creates Eric the view from here.
His work is that rare arial perspective of the faces
 we see everyday, the vistas of common personalities,
 the long view of the human. 

As we pull back one point of reference morphs into another,
 objects become portraits, the pedestrian becomes sublime. 
His grids are pictoral DNA, a seemingly simple sequence
 that when sounded in its complexity reveals the honesty of the unreapeatable person.
What I love most is the blending of fine art talent
and new age thinking,