Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken Fever

I'm not Martha Stewart but sometimes I 
wish I was, like when she's talking about her farm,
from all of the flowers and vegetables she grows
('perfectly') to the chickens she raises ('beautifully').
I was recently watching her Living show
all about raising chickens and I was actually thinking...
how fun would that be? But, then it's not like going down 
to the pet store and picking out a bunny,
 (no, I don't have one of those either).
It is a really cool idea though and a big movement 
across the country. 
My Pet Chicken by Traci Torres, makes it seem so easy.
Recently over at Design Sponge
the book Keeping Chickens by Ashley English
was featured.
In that post, she shares lot's of information and 
enlightenment from her book. 
For so many people, it is a way of life, 
for some just a hobby, however you approach it, 
I think the movement is quite fascinating,
here are a few excerpts from the post.
Over the past few years (and for a small number, the past few decades), growing awareness has begun to be directed at where food comes from and the manner in which it is produced. Additionally, people have become interested in exercising greater control over the way that foods are processed (i.e. limiting the inclusion of preservatives, salt, sugar, and artificial agents). 
While the Chinese zodiac may technically call 2010 the year of the tiger, I think it might more fittingly be referred to as the “year of the hen.” From Brooklyn to Burbank and at all points in between, urbanites, suburbanites, and rurally situated folks are welcoming chickens back into their homes and their lives.
For more thoughts, insights and inspiration
visit one of my favorites Design Sponge.