Friday, April 23, 2010

Color Your World

Transforming communities with color.
This is so awesome! 
 Let's Colour (a pet project of Delux) is an international outreach project  in which volunteers travel to drab and dreary corners of the world and enliven them with a fresh coat of paint. "Color your world" is the tagline for the program that hopes to transform communities by the brushstroke.
So Far this year, the Let's Colour crew has travelled to London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Jodhpur to find and help neighborhoods paint themselves anew. They hope to expand to other countries, including Turkey, throughout the year.
Fernanda Romano—Global Creative Director of Marketing said in a recent interview,
the idea behind it was: "let's find locations, places around the world, they're a bit dull, a bit grey. Let's engage the local community." She adds, encouraging community involvement was crucial to succeed: "Mandating things to people feels a bit old fashioned. People want to collaborate, people create content to share with the world."
Ms. Romano found the response hopeful: "It was quite touching to see how much the community appreciated what was happening and how much they saw the benefit."
The Let's Colour blog documents all the locales, as well as their color choices and inspiration in each neighborhood. The project also has filmmaker Adam Berg filming the entire process. The individual video for the four places is online, and Berg has plans to release a full video of the project in the next month.

Personal Note: The Let's Colour project blog is also a great 
inspiration and incentive to look for,
 enjoy and make color in our everyday lives.
Have a colorful weekend